Parenting Tips For First Timers!

Let’s face it; good parenting is in no way an easy task. It seems as though; at every step there is something or the other which goes wrong. Or which is misconstrued. Children are indeed very fragile and that makes dealing with them and raising them a very hard process indeed. Here are some parenting tips which will get you through your dilemma.

Do ensure that you are gentle, yet firm with your children. These two may seem like two ends of a coin, but you need to strike a balance between them. Being too lenient can result in a poorly brought up child and if you’re too harsh on your kids, they might be scarred for life!
Be smart at dealing with sibling rivalry. It’s important that you, as a parent don’t take sides. This is because if you do, either one of your children will feel that they are not as dear to you as their sibling, which will again lead to sibling rivalry!
When you’re trying to discipline your kids don’t spank them. There are times when you might feel that it is useful, but there is absolutely no justification of raising your hands on your own kids.
Always let your children know how much they mean to you and how special they are. I cannot stress enough, the importance of praise and encouragement. Did you know that parents play a crucial role in building (or breaking!) their children’s confidence?
Learn the importance of saying “no” to your kids. If your kids get everything that they want, then they’ll just end up being spoilt brats!
Good parenting is all about family time. Make sure you and your children get quality time together on a regular basis. Why? This will lead to further bonding and will inculcate in your children, a sense of belonging which is very important. They will learn to prioritize their family.
If your child has bad habits, you need to try and change them. Look to yourself first; see if any of these bad habits are an offset of YOUR bad habits! Change yourself first and then work on the kids.

There are a number of parenting books which can guide you along the rocky road of parenting; do take time out to read some of them.

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