Parenting Advice 101: Respecting Children

The golden rule of good parenting is that you treat your children with respect. If you don’t, how can you expect them to treat you with respect in return? They are, after all individuals too and they will carry all the values which you have inculcated in them when they are children, into adulthood and if you don’t teach them the importance of respect, they will never learn.

Little Gestures, Big Results

Another mistake parents make is that, even though they respect their children, they somehow fail to show their children that they do, through their actions. Or they might even be doing belittling things without being aware of it.

So how do you show your child that you respect them? Firstly, perform the same courtesies with your children that you would perform with other adults and individuals. Speak to them politely, listen to what they are telling you carefully and consider it. Many times children actually do have a point which we may have missed out on!

When you talk to your kids, do make eye contact with them. There is nothing more belittling than when someone pays least heed to what you are saying. Respect your child’s opinion, even if you may not like it. It isn’t necessary that your opinion will match your child’s.

Try and please your children whenever it is possible to do so. It’s not going to harm you in any way. Remember, everything you do will have an impact and consequent reaction from your child. They will, in fact grow to treat you, the way you treat them when they are children.

You don’t want to be disrespected in your old age, now do you? Explain your rules and decisions to them whenever you can. That way, they will know that what they feel matters to you.

Why Respect Children?

Showing your children respect is something that positive parenting is incomplete without. If you don’t show your children respect, they might grow up to have low self esteem or might underestimate themselves, or worse, fail to show their own children respect in turn, which is really a scary prospect!

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