Few Cool Ideas to Make Funky Animal Costumes

If you aren’t the owner of an animal onesie shop, there are still many ways to get mammal dresses for competition or party. With a little crafting, creativity, and a bit of decorative accessories, you can make animal costumes, which are great for productions, playtime, and events, like Halloween, masquerades. Follow these guidelines to unleash your wild side, creating an awesome animal suit for your little ones. You can as well utilize your own dress, customizing few things here and there, to reflect your creativity and suit your needs, while saving costs as well.

Look at Various Options

You can view some creative pieces at http://www.kigurumionesies.co.uk to get an idea of what the animal costumes look like. These attires are a great way to have fun, while looking totally different. The mammal dresses are available in adult size as well, but looks really cute on children. You can get dresses from dinosaurs to simple cows, bears, etc.

Variety of Choices

These are available as goofy, baggy costumes, as well as couple dresses, which is a pair of male and female version of same species. These are made up of range of materials, such as spandex, and polyester. These ideas will help in you in creating a safe and sturdy animal costume.

Safety Matters the Most

Security should be your primary reason for concern; when creating animal dresses, you’ll need to ensure that the material is light in weight, allowing kids to move freely. The costume shouldn’t limit the movement; in fact, kids should feel comfortable inside. It’s imperative to ensure that the masks are clear enough for vision and shouldn’t restrict breathing.

 All these things have to be checked, so that there is enough space for mouth, nose, and eyes holes. Hence, when creating animal eyes, keep the two holes wide open, so that kids can see through everything, while even air flows properly into the mask. If you’re creating dresses to be worn at evening or night parties, it is advisable to use reflective or light colours, so that pedestrians and drivers can easily spot them.

Creating the Main Body

Lightweight materials, like cardboard and breathable cotton are imperative to body; for larger dresses, like horse or panda, it is better to sew your own fabric, so that shades match accurately. If you’re making smaller dresses, you can make use of daily costumes, like sweatshirts and jogging suit, which have same or very similar colours of the mammal and keep holes wherever necessary, so that you get enough space to breathe inside. It is better to start with legging, track pants in colours suitable to your animal of choice, such as pink for flamingo, green for gecko, and grey for elephants. Whatever the material or dress you choose, do not forget to keep space for widest range of movement, so that you don’t bump into obstacles or trip or slip as you walk.

Feathers and Trails

You can make it using a piece of fabric or dying a rope of the colour of the animal. You can also make use of tube sock or long stock, filling it with other piece of clothing to get a proper shape.

Creating animal costume is all about having fun, allowing your kids to have great time with friends and family, so go ahead and make use of these ideas.

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